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Oxenfoord Castle - Rebecca and Arran

Beautiful bright bouquets

I loved the bold, bright colour palette that Rebecca and Arran chose for their summer wedding at one of my favourite venues - Oxenfoord Castle.

The bright pinks, corals, oranges, raspberrys and yellows just made me smile and think of summer. Rebecca and Arran's choice of flowers was like a list of my favourites too - snapdragons, dahlias, roses, freesias, eustoma, asters, sweetness and I was so pleased to get some of the last peonies of this year.

I was delighted to receive these lovely comments from Rebecca

Thank you so much for our wedding flowers. They truly exceeded my expectations and I was over the moon when I saw them. Beautiful!! We had a fantastic day!

Oxenfoord Castle's stunning mantlepiece



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